Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe in an Infant Rocker

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An infant rocker may seem like a great gift to any parent especially when you have a very demanding baby who wants to be cradled till he's totally asleep. Placing baby in an infant rocker allows you to do a lot of other tasks that you can't possible be able to do when you are preoccupied with the baby. But as for any infant furniture, you should always make sure that the unit is always safe to use. Therefore, it is worth your while to inspect the rocker before every use by checking the following:

One should always check for cracks in the unit especially on joints of non-metal parts and rusts on metal ones. Check also the stability of the rocker. See if the base is still levelled on the ground and no unnecessary rocking is caused by an unbalanced base.

Inspect the mats and pads for crawling and flying insects and bugs that may have landed on the rocker. Be sure to change the covers at least once a week or as often as needed. Never place baby on a wet unit as this may cause some serious harm to baby's health.

For AC powered models or those that run on electricity, make sure that all components are dry and that wires are properly covered. Avoid placing such a rocker near the sink, the aquarium or anywhere that may get it wet.

If you have the battery-operated one, dispose of old batteries immediately. Batteries contain lead that is very toxic when ingested. Always use fresh batteries for the infant rocker to avoid leaking of old ones. Leaky batteries may not only damage the furniture but can also pose harm to you and baby.

Lastly, keep the rocker away from walk paths. Provide a good location where you can place it. Put it in a corner to avoid tripping or bumping into it.

Baby furniture is designed to make life easier for both parents and baby; however, baby's safety is any parent's top concern. With proper handling and care, using infant rockers may help you in a lot of things including saving you from a lot of trouble and heartache.

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Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe in an Infant Rocker

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This article was published on 2010/09/22