Top 6 Ways to Avoid Sudden Infant Death

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One of the most frightening conditions for parents prevailing a lot nowadays is sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). SIDS occurrence is a sate whereby infants of the age 1 year or even less die suddenly without any known cause of the sudden death. There are no prior indications by the doctor and there no symptom shown by the child before the sudden death which is completely shattering experience to the new parents. All parents should know about the precautions they should take with newly born babies to avoid any such horrifying situation.

Doctors and specialist are yet unable to illustrate or confirm the cause of SIDS. Lot of research is done to get a know how of the cause in order to avoid the situation as much as possible but none have been able to confirm yet. Very few experts have been able to deliver with the help of their vast experience about possible reasons and precaution parents should take as ways to avoid sudden infant death. Baby center illustrates few such ways:

1. Sleeping position of the baby

Supine position is considered ideal for babies since sleeping on sideways is not very safe for baby health. Sleeping with sideways effects stomach of child thereby increases possibility of SIDS.  Child should be allowed to sleep on side only after 1 year time when he is bigger and safe.

2. Healthy environment with no smoke

One more important way to avoid sudden infant death is to keep the child much away from oneself while smoking. and take care after smoking that the child by no means is exposed to the cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke is considered a great trigger in the SIDS occurrence.

3. Careful use of baby accessories

Material of baby cloths and blankets should be chosen very carefully since baby tends to take them in mouth. Its more appropriate to use warm clothing over heavy blankets since their hands movement can get blanket above their face making them face problem in breathing which can trigger SIDs to a great extend.

4. Maintained temperature

Over heating is too much dangerous for a child. In the winter season it is common that a child is over burdened with cloths and blankets to avoid him from cold. But instead it is required that a comfortable and warm environment is maintained. Heating causes sweating, rashes, breathing problems, restlessness, damp hair and at times fever.

5. Good ventilation

Well air circulated rooms are required for an infant so that the baby face no problems in breathing adequately. Fan also helps in maintaining good ventilation and can be used in rooms with not so good ventilation even when it's cold.

6. Prevent infection in babies

People with any kind of infectious infection should stay much away from infant since he is delicate and easy pray to catch infections. Hands should be washed properly before getting them close to baby. Gastrointestinal infection and respiratory conjunction are  among very common reason of SIDS occurrence in babies.

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Top 6 Ways to Avoid Sudden Infant Death

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This article was published on 2010/09/20