The Will to Win Written by Patrick A Davy

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An interesting story of a girl, Bonita Stickles, who thought she knew what she wanted in life. First of all she wanted to get married, have a baby, have a career, and a good family life. Bonita wanted these things NOW! She was a good clean girl with high morals, but as sometimes happens with young men and women, their hormones get in the way. Such a thing occurred to Bonita when she succumbed to a boy she knew was the one for her, despite her saying she did not want sex before being married, but only one time wouldn't hurt! How many times have we heard that?

The two of them broke up even though Nick knew she was pregnant. He had made a big thing out of wanting to go to church and meeting her family and appearing like they were perfect for each other.

Sure they were! The baby came and Nick was gone. Bonita met another man who was in the army. Troy seemed like such a nice fellow and he and Bonita became a pair, and with a baby involved, Nick came around trying to put his nose into Bonita's life. Nick had joined the army too. She told Nick she wanted no part of him but he could see the baby when he wished to.

Life went on but not normally. Troy was sent to Iraq and was badly wounded. Bonita was notified and had to wait until Troy was in the hospital to see him. It was a hard reunion with a wounded Troy but at least he was home. In the following period after their marriage there was an accident during which Troy was trapped in a car that was ready to explode. Come upon the scene-Nick-and yes, Nick pulled Troy out of the car to safety. An interesting part of the story regarding the question of various types of ways to get pregnant through artificial insemination faced the couple when normal actions did not work.

This book is a short and simple read. The only thing I found were many mistakes in the language. I realize there are variations in dialect between races but some mistakes were glaring. But, if you can skim by them, there is a decent story here.

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The Will to Win Written by Patrick A Davy

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This article was published on 2010/03/31