The Benefits of Massaging Your Baby

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Massaging your Baby brings enormous benefits to both the Baby and to the person giving the massage. Touch is the most important of all our senses. It is critical to our well-being, and is so important that our growth and development relies on it.

Massage is a rather broad term, and can include many types of touch such as stroking and holding. It does not designate a particular set of movements. There are as many forms of Baby Massage as there are Babies.

What are the benefits of Massaging your Baby?

(For the purpose of this article, I am using mother, but it of course can be father, grandpa or any other person who massages the Baby)

1. Relaxation

Both Mother and Baby receive this bonus. Endorphins (the 'happy hormones') are released, and these stop us from feeling anxious and give us feelings of pleasure and well-being.

2. Helps the bonding process

Nurturing touch grows confidence and trust in the Baby. Eye contact during the massage encourages the formation of a good relationship between the baby and the massage giver.

3. Connection

The gentle touch, eye contact, talk and smell of the massage person, all help form a two-way connection which gives the Baby a secure base.

4. Comfort

-Constipation may be relieved by gentle tummy massage
-Crying is often reduced by massage.
-Grizzly and Fussy babies often calm with regular massage
-The discomfort of teething may be helped by the general relaxation
-This means less pain for the Baby and less Anxiety for the Mother.

5. Sleep

Babies sleep longer and deeper when they have massage regularly.

6. Enhanced Development

-The Baby grows stronger, both emotionally and physically
-Massage encourages movement and coordination.
-Massage helps babies to stretch and move, and to discover their abilities and bodies.
-Mental and motor skills are improved.
-Circulation and digestive systems are boosted.
-Massage helps strengthen joints and muscles.

7. Stimulation of Immune system

Production of Cortisol and other Stress hormones is reduced, so Stress is relieved. Massage can encourage the removal of waste and toxins from the body.

8. Less Post-Natal Depression

The relaxation of the Mother and the Baby makes for less mental load for the Mother to deal with. Baby massage can be a very enjoyable experience for both the baby and parents.

It should be a truly enjoyable experience for both, and if it is not, then the massage should not continue.

The likelihood is that the whole experience of having a Baby to care for will be much smoother and more delightful.

Less anxiety in Mother and Baby is going to make it much comfortable for everyone.

Massaging your Baby is not difficult, nor does it need to be time-consuming. The actual techniques will be addressed in a following article.

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The Benefits of Massaging Your Baby

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This article was published on 2010/04/01