Reasons why Baby Massage is beneficial to the whole family

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Baby massage is traditional in some parts of the world and a natural part of a baby's development.  In the UK it is catching on with many classes cropping up.

Massaging a baby is a great way for any member of the family to bond with the child, but there are more important reasons why you should make it part of your babies' routine.  The fact is research has shown it leads to a much happier and healthy baby full stop.

Touch is a very important sense to babies as it is one of the first senses the baby learns in the womb. Carrying this on once the baby is born will help to improve the skin condition and will help with blood circulation which helps when it comes to the baby needs to release waste from its body.

If your not a first time mother then you will know about how colic can be painful for children and stressful for carers.  The baby has very small digestive system so when a baby drinks milk he or she will often take down a lot of wind which patting the back doesn't seem to help.  Well baby massage will help to ease colic which will benefit parents as a happy baby means happy parents.

Another reason why massage is so beneficial to babies is the calming effect it has on mother and baby. Many babies will suffer from being irritable and have temper tantrums but with baby massage, the child is far more relaxed and happy which means you can take your baby out to do your weekly shop without the embarrassing screaming baby to control

Poorly babies are very hard to deal with.  Your child is your responsibility but if your child has a cough or cold he or she will be unsettled and cry more often.  Obviously this is stressful for mothers but more than that it is frustrating.  You want to help your child, make him or her better but you feel so helpless.  Well research has shown that when a baby is massaged regularly they will suffer less with colds and coughs compared to babies who are not massaged.  Regularly massaged baby are have a far stronger immune system which is what is need to fight viruses.

So if you are convinced that this type of therapy would be beneficial to your whole family then get enquiring about classes in your area.  This is a growing industry so there should be a class near you.  The internet is a great way of finding classes as every new business has a website because of the power of the internet.  Do a search with your local or main town and see what comes up.  If there aren't any classes in your area, maybe that is a sign there should be one.  Perhaps you could train to be the first teacher in your area.  There are qualifications you can get to be able to run classes, again do a search on the internet.

Finally once you have tried baby massage and can see the benefits, share this will people.  Every new mum will have times of despair and be stressed looking after a new born baby.  But if more and more children were massaged from an early age there would be a lot more happy and confident children in the world which means many more happy and content parents.   

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Reasons why Baby Massage is beneficial to the whole family

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This article was published on 2011/07/07