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Most new parents will rush out, and buy flame resistant pajamas because the name alone will conjure up visions of fire proofing their babies. However, most new parents do not realize flame resistant sleepwear is full of dangerous chemicals, which are harmful to babies.

When wintertime arrives, you want to be sure your home is properly heated, because due to the risk of suffocation, blankets are not recommended for babies. This is why the organic baby sleepsuits and organic babywear you choose is so important. The biggest problem in the United States, is infant sleepwear is required by law, to be flame resistant. But, do you really want your baby to be sleeping in material which has been coated in chemicals? These types of chemicals will be in constant contact with your babys delicate skin, and will also be inhaled into their tiny, developing lungs. Most of these chemicals have been linked to cancer, and other types of serious health conditions of the skin, liver, and nervous system.

What can you do as a parent? You can start by staying away from sleepwear that is made from flame resistant material, and dress your baby in an organic baby sleepsuit made of organic cotton instead. At night, you should dress your little ones in organic babywear, and include a cotton cap in the cold winter months to keep them extra warm, and snuggly. If it is still cold, dont reach for the flame resistant sleepwear! The better choice is an organic wool sweater, which is warm, and naturally flame resistant. The organic wool sweater layered over an organic cotton t shirt will be perfectly warm and comfortable for your baby.

Being a parent, you want to be able to relax about your baby when they are sleeping. There is nothing worse than lying awake, and worrying about your little one. With organic babywear products you also dont have to toss, and turn at night about baby. Also, you are being green, and responsible to the environment.

It is important that baby is snug, and cozy in the cold winter months. All parents want their children to be safe, and comfortable. Would you not prefer that your new delicate baby is wearing an organic baby sleepsuit, because of how soft, and healthy it is. Everything that is made from natural, pure products can be considered gentle for both the planet, and your baby. What can be a better sound than a baby that is fast asleep and comfortable in organic sleepwear?

Challenge yourself to do more for you and your family. Remember that if you cannot identify or pronounce the name of material which your babys clothing is made from than it is probably not organic. It more likely is made from something that you do not want to have on your baby. Being a green and natural parent will only take a little thought and energy on your part and give your baby a happy start in life.
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Organic Baby Sleepsuits And Babywear

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This article was published on 2011/01/26