Organic Baby Clothes and Their Benefits

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Do you want your baby to be wearing something with synthetic wax, soil and flame retardant, bleach, softener, and formaldehyde? Probably our adult skin may be able to tolerate these chemicals. Then again, some adults cannot and more so when it comes to the ultra sensitive skin of our babies.

Sad Facts Regarding Regular Baby Clothes

Regular baby clothes are usually made of cotton, since they tend to be comfortable, soft, yet durable. Especially during the warm summer months, this type of clothing is advised. Unfortunately, the material comes from traditionally grown cotton that has been exposed to a lot of pesticides and herbicides. Usually cyanide and propargite, which are carcinogenic substances, are used as pesticides. And to aggravate the matter, the cotton fibers are further treated with more chemicals and artificial dyes.

This condition is serious enough to affect adults with skin sensitivities. What more when it comes to the delicate skin of our babies?

Organic Baby Clothes ? The Less Toxic Alternative

Organic baby clothes are healthy alternatives to traditional cotton ones. These are made of organic cotton fibers, which are hypoallergenic and chemical-free.

Some people have the notion that this particular type of infant apparel is less durable than regular cotton clothing. However, studies have shown that garments made of organic fiber last at least 5 times longer, and are more fade resistant.The bottom line is that organic baby apparel is healthy, more durable, and cheaper in the long run. Hence, it is highly recommended.

Other Benefits Associated with Going Organic

Making use of baby clothes made of organic fabric will not just benefit you and your baby, but it will also go a long way in helping other people and the environment. You will be promoting products that do not use pesticides and herbicides, which are known toxic chemicals.

Less processing is required for this type of fabric, hence less power is necessary in the manufacturing process. The farming of organic cotton as well as its conversion to fabric does not expose workers to unhealthy chemicals. Since no toxic materials are used, there is no risk of chemical runoff, which will pollute the environment.And the simple act of using organic baby clothes for your child will redound to all these benefits.

Sourcing of Healthy Clothes for Your Baby

If you are looking for baby clothes that will benefit not just your baby but our planet as well, check the internet for suppliers of this type of clothing. You will surely find several of them. In fact, some will even have products with "certified organic cotton" badge. Whether you are looking for bodysuits, rompers, or gowns, these are likely to be available in healthy organic cotton. And sizes for newborn up to two year old toddlers can be obtained.

In the unlikely event that you have sextuplets or should you wish to go into a home-based business selling organic baby clothing, you may opt for the baby clothes wholesale program being offered by some suppliers. This will allow you to realize savings, if your intention is to provide clothes for your sextuplets. Or you can make some money by reselling these items, while helping the environment at the same time.

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Organic Baby Clothes and Their Benefits

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Organic Baby Clothes and Their Benefits

This article was published on 2011/09/16