Keep your child safe with Baby lock

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This in a way helps in protecting the device from getting knocked out by the baby and on the other hand also helps protect the child from electrical shocks which may prove extremely serious. Baby locks provide the necessary check and protection to your baby even when you are not around.

Baby locks were first introduced in sewing machines. Since females in many developing and under developed countries earn their living by stitching clothes. They also have to look after their children while working at home. Since they are occupied at so many different fronts, manufacturers who made sewing machines came up with the idea of incorporating child locks or baby locks in their products so as to prevent any damage done to the stitching when the mothers weren't around. This idea helped in minimizing the ratio of faults that were produced in clothes due to babies during the stitching process. This idea as a result gained immense popularity and other products also started incorporating them. Today, television sets are common product which almost every home in the world possesses. Even in those TV sets, companies have started to provide the child lock facility so that babies or children can't change the channels and in this way they can only watch those channels and content which their parents think is appropriate.

Baby locks and safety locks provide the comfort to protect your child without being too over protective and nudging the child over and over again. Today even the electrical sockets come with baby locks. The insert shoe plate is covered with a cap and can only be exposed when all three or two legs of the shoe rotate at once. Since electrical protection is the most dominant concern of parents hence new and new techniques of making the electrical appliances safe are being employed to make sure that it's your child whose safe all the time. Children see their parents "playing" with the electrical appliances hence learning to behave like that innately; they also want to use them.

Many different types of adhesives are also used as baby locks for drawers and cabinets. Drawers and cabinets contain different types of shrapnel, pointed things, pens and razors, the baby can and may hurt him if he is able to land his or her hands on such things. The adhesive taps protect it in a way that they first need to be pushed a little inwards and then drawn out. 


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Keep your child safe with Baby lock

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This article was published on 2011/07/25