Infant Rocker – What You Need to Understand

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Babies cry when they are hungry, when they feel hot or when they want to sleep. Usually, when babies cry, the tendency of adults is to stand up, pick up the baby and rock it. Although this is good, you cannot do this all the time. So what you need is to have something that you can put your baby in to rock it. What you need is an infant rocker. It is a swing that can rock your baby to and fro.

Through the years, a lot of improvements and modifications have been done on infant rockers. Before, rockers are made to swing by winding up a knob found on the side. When it stops moving you wind it up again if the baby is still awake or it still wants to play. Now infant rockers move using battery power. You no longer need to exert effort to wind a knob. Just press the button for it to start rocking and press it again for it to stop. In newer models, there is no need for you to press the button to stop it from rocking to and fro. They come with timers so you can set the length of time you want your baby to swing to and fro. And if that is still not enough you can also find an infant rocker that has speed control. You now have the chance to choose between slow, moderate or fast rocking. Isn't that convenient? But wait, there's still more. It was said above that a baby swing could move to and fro or backward and forward. Now, there are models that can also move from left to right or side to side.

These modifications and improvements are really great. They benefit both you and your baby a lot. But this should not make you feel too confident and relaxed. Your baby's comfort and safety still largely depend on you. Even if baby rockers have improved a lot, you still need to take safety precautions. You need to ensure that the rocker is placed in a stable surface. You need to ensure that the straps are properly locked. You need to ensure that there are no loose parts that your baby can choke on. You see, at the end of the day, your baby's safety still lies in your hands.  

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Infant Rocker – What You Need to Understand

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This article was published on 2010/09/28