How to choose proper baby wear

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Whether shopping for baby wear before the baby’s arrival or after, there are many things to consider when buying baby apparel. Newborns need garments which provide comfort, warmth and safety. They should also be sensitive- friendly. When you buy newborn wear, pay attention to the functionality they provide rather than the looks. Onesies and sleepers provide warmth and snugness to babies as they spend most of the time sleeping. You should also have a swaddling wrap for your newborn for swaddling. Swaddling helps them settle down and sleep better. This lowers the risk of SIDS and keeps your baby in the same tightness and cosiness of the womb they are still familiar with. It also helps them sleep on their back, which is a safe sleeping positing for babies. Always choose organic products that have no harmful elements in them. Pure cotton makes excellent bedding for babies.

A baby’s sleep is an integral part of healthy growth and development. If they are not getting proper rest during the night, it is stressful for the baby and the parents. When you think your baby is growing out of swaddling or prefers another method, choose a baby sleeping bag. It helps your baby sleep soundly with no slipping away of loose sheets and blankets that can cause the baby to feel the cold or cause other risky complications. Baby sleeping bags can be easily carried when travelling, providing the usual comfort to your baby wherever you go. Sleeping bags and swaddling wraps made of merino wool have been recommended by scientists for the baby’s perfect comfort. These keep the baby warm in cold weathers and cool in hot weathers. Merino responds to the changes in body temperature by creating a micro-climate between the body and the fibres.

Pay attention to buttons, bows and snaps. Make sure these are not uncomfortable for the baby and the buttons are not loose. Check the neckline to avoid tight necks and cords used for tying. Baby hats that cover the ears come useful in cold and windy weathers. The clothes should have easy access for diaper change or they should be easy to remove. Since babies have a very sensitive skin, their clothes should be soft and smooth. Carry out a thorough inspection and a wash before introducing them to the baby.


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How to choose proper baby wear

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How to choose proper baby wear

This article was published on 2012/03/08