How To Bath Baby Safely

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It is a challenge for any new parents after the first few months the new addition to their family arrived. They not only want to make sure that their baby' life is happy but want safety as well, particularly when bathing, changing and taking them out. To have baby bath safety, new parents need to know several things as followed:


In this article we offer some guidelines to ensure that not only is the new parent's baby's bath time safe but also enjoyable.

Tip 1 - If you are intending to use your own bath for washing your baby in then it is a good idea to put a slip proof mat or even some towels into the bath on which your baby can be placed. But if you can afford to there are baby bath chairs that can be purchased which allow the baby to sit comfortably in the bath whilst being washed.


Tip 2 - To ensure that the temperature of the water is right for your baby not too hot or too cold there are several things as new parents that you can do. You can either test the temperature of the water using the traditional method of dipping your elbow or wrist into the water as your mother would have done. The other way is to purchase a special thermometer which changes colour when the water temperature is correct. These thermometers will turn red if water is too hot, blue if it is cold and green if the temperature is just right.


Tip 3 - When giving your baby a bath make sure that you only use products suited to them instead of the kinds you would use on yourself. Also when it comes to washing their hair it is a good idea to place a flannel over their eyes in order to prevent shampoo from getting in them.


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How To Bath Baby Safely

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This article was published on 2010/03/23