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When you have a baby, you want to tote him around on your hip while tackling cooking, cleaning, and load after load of dirty laundry. Until one day you bend down to grab a toy and your back doesn't go anymore.

For all its numerous rewards, motherhood can be hard on the body.  What may start out as minor aches and pains can escalate into full blown repetitive strain injuries. The moves moms make every day, such as hoisting baby from a crib and hunching over to breastfeed, can cause chronic irritation to the muscles, tendons, or joints.

Physical changes due to pregnancy and delivery are part of the equation. Fluctuations in maternal hormones loosen the tissue around joints, allowing the perlvis to widen to accommodate the baby before and during birth. The slackness remains for months after delivery, leaving joints vulnerable to strain. Pregnancy and delivery take thri toll on the abdominal and pelvic muscles, and the baby's weight pulls your enter of gravity forward, often leading to a swayed back.

Repetetive strain injuries affect more than just your body: Studies have shown that untreated pain can make woen more susceptible to post partum depression. These injuries can eventually harm a woman's quality of life, making it harder for her to enjoy things like playing with her children.  For their mental and physical help moms need and must seek treatment.

TIPS to avoid injuries:

1- Hold baby in a way that doesn't overexert the muscles of your hand, wrtist and forearm. Take frequent breaks, and exercise your hands.

2- Whenever you are grabbing baby from the floor, or picking up her toys, for that matter bend at your knees. Hold baby close to yur belly button as you stand up again.

3- As tempting it is to make goo goo eyes at your baby continously while feeding him, be sure to look up periodically and do gentle roling neck stretches.

4- Avoid holding your baby on one hip, supportig her with just one arm and tilting your pelvis in the process. Instead hold baby with both arms, close to your body.

Moms try to take care of your health mentally and physically. It is vital for you and your family. Your family needs you to be healthy.

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Handle yourself with care

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This article was published on 2011/06/21