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Infant colic is a common problem in babies around the world, and it can be a source of both pain and annoyance in babies. Every parent around the world dreads the day that their baby contracts colic, as the baby becomes fussy, restive, and simply difficult to take care of. Usually babies contract colic when they are still young, and it can be incredibly difficult for new parents to know how to handle the colicky baby.

What is Colic?

Infant colic is basically a series of cramps and stomach pains that most babies experience, especially in younger babies. Most infants are still experiencing changes in their bodies, and the digestive systems of many babies are simply unable to handle certain foods or substances that they ingest through their mother's milk. Many babies who drink from a bottle can also develop infant colic, as they are unable to handle cow milk at such a young age.

There are many things that you can do to help avoid colic, instead of only focusing on providing colic relief for babies. Take these steps to prevent infant colic:

- Try to cut out any strong spices, onions, garlic, and other strong foods from your diet. The spices and strong foods affect your baby through your breast milk, and could be the cause of the colic.

- Quit smoking, as the smoke can cause colic in your baby. If you have to smoke, make sure to take it outside in order to keep it away from your baby

- Try to cut out milk products in your baby's diet, as that usually provides colic relief for babies whose digestive systems can't handle whole or even skim milk products.

Here are some tips for providing colic relief for babies:

- Pick up your baby quickly if it is crying, and hold it close and try to soothe it. Usually the voice of mother is enough to calm the baby and distract it from its pain

- There are a number of massages that you can use to help provide colic relief for babies, and you can search online to find these massages.

- There are a number of herbal remedies that you can use, and you can give your baby these herbal teas to help settle their stomachs if they are colicky.

- Look into what exactly is causing the colic in your baby, whether it is coffee, tea, specific foods, smoke, or anything else. Once you have determined whether or not something you are doing is causing the colic or not, you can take the steps to cut it out of your life.

- Ensure that there is no air bubbles in the baby's bottle, as air in a baby's stomach is often a cause of colic. Make sure to tilt the bottle at a good angle to ensure that the baby isn't getting air in his stomach

- There are a number of excellent soothing wraps that help to provide instant colic relief for babies. The combination of herbs in the wrap are designed to provide relief when heated through contact with the baby's tummy, and are an excellent way to help relieve your baby's colic.


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Colic Relief for Babies

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