Canada Bans Baby Walkers

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In a bold move Canada banned the use of baby walkers on April 7th, 2004; this expanded the voluntary ban Canada implemented in 1989. The ban is expansive, covering all sales within the country both new and old. This means that someone who has one sitting around in the attic can't pull it down and sell it at a garage sale. There is no advertising whatsoever and all importation has been banned, including those from the United States. It is even against the law for a consumer to purchase the product from another country and bring it into the country. Basically, it is the attempt of the Canadian government to totally remove them from the country. One are this does not cover is hand me strollers from person to person.

The ban came down from Health Minister Pierre Pettigrew who praised companies that followed the volunteer ban set in 1989. He stated that Canadian children needed to be kept safe from the injuries commonly associated with the use of infant walkers. Canada is the first and only country to ban the use of baby walkers, in other areas such as the State of Washington in the United States they have been outlawed in child daycare centers. In other areas the voluntary ban of baby walkers has taken place. There is continued momentum globally from various groups trying to get local, national and international banning of the product.

If you are either a new parent or someone without children you may wonder what the fuss is all about. The concern is really twofold, first the safety of the child. More so than with any other child toy baby walkers cause the greatest risk to injury, with the two most common being falls, either downstairs or by tipping over and burns. The burns happen when a guardian isn't paying attention and coffee cups or other hot liquids spill on the child.

The other area of concern is the mental and physical development children using a baby walker faces. Tests have shown children who have never used a walker develop mentally and physically quicker than those children that have used the baby walkers. The debate will rage on as to whether they should be banned globally and to whether the development is actually slowed by children using baby walkers. Outside of Canada where the ban is national the onus will fall to the parent as to whether they believe there is a risk to their child.

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Canada Bans Baby Walkers

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This article was published on 2010/04/01