Can You Stop Baby Colic With Medication?

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Some mothers are blessed with babies that are easy to care for. It is a parent's dream to have a healthy baby that sleeps well, smiles a lot and don't pose a lot of problems. Unfortunately, not all parents have it easy. Some parents have it hard. That's the case when there's a colicky baby in the house.

A newborn with colic usually spells sleepless nights, frazzled nerves, and never ending worry for the parents. Parents frantically go through the motions of trying to figure out if there's something wrong with the baby. Is the baby hungry? Is the baby too hot or too cold? Does the diaper need to be changed? Is there something hurting the baby? Is the baby sick? Unfortunately, when it comes to infant colic, the relentless crying is without apparent cause. The long hours of inconsolable screaming leave parents drained of energy and fighting to keep sane. All they can think of is how to make the crying stop.

Although there are many home remedies for colic such as swaddling baby, using music, baby massage, white noise, baby wearing and rocking devices, most parents would usually also consider medication.

Let's take a look at what colic medications are available and how effective they are?

  1. Colic drops- The active ingredient in colic drops is simeticone.  What it does is to rid baby's stomach of excess gas. With simeticone, little foam bubbles come together to form bigger bubbles. This makes it easier for baby to burp. One thing to note is that simeticone helps to get rid of air in the stomach but not in the intestines.  As you can see, by using this medication, you are assuming that your baby's colic is due to baby swallowing air while feeding. This may or may not be true. If you believe this to be the problem, here are some ways to reduce baby's air swallowing: change the bottle's nipple to one that has a slower flow and feed baby in an upright position. Although simeticone is relatively safe with hardly any side effects, it's effectiveness is questionable. It doesn't work for every colic baby.  
  2.  Gripe water- Gripe water is basically a mixture of herbs in sterile water. Common herbs used are catnip, caroway, ginger, chamomile, fennel and peppermint. These herbs work to soothe baby's entire digestive system. Gripe water has been many mother's favorite colic remedy throughout the ages. Those that use it assume that baby's colic is due to stomach discomfort. When buying gripe water, parents must be careful in checking the ingredients. Make sure it is free of alcohol, sodium bicarbonate, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. The essential oils and herbal extracts must be processed according to FDA guidelines. If not properly diluted, it can be harmful to the baby. In the U.S. market, the more popular gripe water brands are ColicCalm, Colic Ease, Baby's Bliss and PediaCalm. Like colic drops, the effectiveness of gripe water depends on how the baby responds to it. Some parents call it "miracle water", others render it useless. Some say gripe water used to work for the older generation of parents because it contained alcohol. Now that most are alcohol-free, it doesn't work as well anymore. It may be a bit tricky to feed a newborn gripe water too. Best way is to use a dropper. Whether gripe water is a good way to get rid of colic is still debatable.

If you visit a doctor hoping to obtain a prescribed colic medication, you may end up disappointed. There are anti-spasmodics and sedatives that can be prescribed but they are not safe for your baby. Most doctors will advise on other ways to cope with colic.

The medical world has yet to determine the exact cause of colic. As such, there is no magic colic medication that works for all colicky babies. The more common believe among parents is that colic is due to excessive gas in baby's tummy. If you look at the colic medications mentioned above, they are all about relieving baby's abdomen of gas buildup. But infant colic is not always due to a stomach discomfort. Therefore, using these colic medications may not always work. It also depends on how the baby reacts to such medications. How well a colic treatment works more often then not depends on the baby and not so much on the product used.

There are many ways to tackle colic. Often, finding the right colic remedy requires trying different solutions. If you resort to any colic medication or natural remedy, be certain you check with a pediatrician first.

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Can You Stop Baby Colic With Medication?

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