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Buying gifts for babies should not be as difficult as it first seems. The problem many people seem to have with baby gifts is that it is hard to find something that will appeal to the baby, not be dangerous and also be useful. But you shouldn't beat yourself up trying to find that perfect gift and it is perhaps better to keep in mind that at this stage any gift you choose for a baby is more likely to be appreciated by the parents!

When shopping for baby girls you will be immediately faced with a barrage of gifts that come in the inevitable pink as this is obviously the traditional colour associated with baby girls! And obviously there is nothing wrong in choosing a traditional pink themed gift for the baby if you want.

There are a whole range of baby gifts in pink you could choose for a newborn baby girl, such as pretty embroidered blankets, baby quilts, items of clothing like cute t-shirts and baby grows and also any number of photo albums, picture frames and keepsake boxes. These can also be found in silver and pewter should you choose to avoid pink. Many items can be personalised or engraved with names, initials or the baby's date of birth allowing you to give any baby gifts you choose a more personal feel.

You may want to choose a gift that is more practical, remembering that a new baby puts a lot of extra financial pressure on new parents. If you decide to do this, certainly clothing and blankets can be useful although it is also important to keep in mind that clothes are quickly outgrown. A cute girl's outfit in a larger size say 6-9 months may be appreciated for something that will be useful in the future rather than say a baby grow that the child will have outgrown once they are 3 months old. Little cutlery sets or plate sets in pink make a useful but also lovely gift for a baby girl. There are also little things you can buy for the baby girl's bedroom such as a prettily painted or decorated sign with her name on for the door or some personalised hook racks that will prove useful for mum and dad but also add a cute touch to the baby's place of sleep.

Jewellery is often a popular choice for baby gifts with expanding silver bangles being a number one choice, particularly for christenings. The silver bracelets grow with the little girl and can be engraved with her name and date of birth for that special touch. Some people get the bangle engraved with a small but special positive message or quote to inspire the child as she grows up. These make lovely permanent gifts that once outgrown can be kept and treasured by the child as a memory from their childhood. Jewellery boxes particularly when engraved or personalised are also a good choice of gift for a baby girl.

There are some more unusual baby gifts you can choose from should you like to stand out from the crowd and be a bit different! You could choose to get a star or even a rose named after the baby the rose option is a particularly lovely and unusual idea for a baby girl.

Some people worry that the baby won't be interested in the gift they are given and prefer to choose toys as a gift for a newborn. Of course babies are notoriously unpredictable and difficult to please so it could be that any toy or gift goes unnoticed initially and the baby may be more interested at this stage in the shiny wrapping paper! Cute soft teddies and dolls make an obvious choice for a baby girl and they could become a much-loved companion for the child. Some soft toys these days have an educational slant to them with claims that they may help a baby in a certain stage of their development.

Whatever you choose for a newborn baby girl there are a great range of presents and gifts out there to suit all kinds of personal tastes. The problem may well be what gift you will choose, as the range of choice is so good! If you shop around online you are sure to come up with some great ideas for baby gifts for girls and you are sure to find something that will bring a great deal of joy to both parent and child.
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Beautiful Baby Gifts For Beautiful Baby Girls

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This article was published on 2010/11/25