Bathing Your Baby Can Make Fun

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Bathing the baby can make fun. You should have full time for him and this is a special time that you and your husband can take part in caring for children together. Many mothers worry about how best to bath the baby without causing harm. This is common in.. We have some suggestions to help you

The first bath.

Although you already see how to bath baby at the hospital or even a staff help you In first bathing the baby. But it is also the experience that you feel awed when you return home and to make them by yourself.

Many mothers feel that the sponge makes it easier to shower during the first week or until the mother feels more comforting to the baby shower. You must use a soft cloth or sponge, warm Clean the ball with water. Shower in the room should not be too hot or cold towels and baby Hnoeey already lining to dry.

What to prepare for the baby bathing.

Bathing the baby would be easier if you are prepared. Before you begin a bath. You need the following things.

*Bath for baby. Should be smaller than the common bath. It will help for more safely and can be moved to a room that was warm to the temperature most comfortable for the child. And should place the bathtub at a proper high position with comfort for you.
*Towel two to three pieces.
*Soft cloth or sponge for children.

For a newborn. Bathing with pure water is sufficient. Because some products for newborn may have fragrances and chemicals that cause skin irritation. If you use the cleansers. Use a mild type and should be used only little.

*A clean diaper.
*Diaper rash protection cream
*Cloth or clean sheets.

Bathing the baby a step by step

*When you bath the baby. It is important to keep baby body warm to prevent heat loss. Before bathing be sure that the bath room and water temperatures is properly.

*Add water to the bath before carrying baby down in the bath. Mixed water together to make sure there are not any point too hot. And be sure that water level is not too high. The key is you must test the elbow by dipping into the water before you start bathing the baby. And water in the bath should be not too cold and too hot.

*Remove clothing and diapers, the little rat and gently clean eyes, ears, face and folds around the neck. Using clean cotton pieces for each section

*If you need to shampoo your baby. Should done before put your baby into the bath for more convenient. Using a towel to wrap baby arms and legs to make children feel safe. Then come through the head and shoulders with forearm. You may need to insert your baby under your arm. Carried your baby over the bathtub to avoid a little splash of water to his eye. Use the other hand to shampoo your baby, then wipe and dry his hair. You need to shampoo your child 1-2 times a week (Using a type of mild shampoo for kids). For the other times, use plain pure water.

*When you bath your baby, remove the clothes and diaper off. Talk to him with soft voice, so your baby will feel warm. Slowly carried the baby in to the bath with the forearm and hand come through the head and shoulders. Then use the other hand bath your baby gently.

*Keep your baby in the water just a few minutes. Then hold up from the bath. You must hold your baby because his body is quite slippery. Wrap your baby with a towel and then place him on the other towel. Gently dry your baby especially at the crease at the neck, arm and leg then put him a clean diaper. Use diaper rash protection cream if necessary. And then dressed the baby. When you have more confident, then bathing the baby will be a valuable time that you should keep in your memory.

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Bathing Your Baby Can Make Fun

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This article was published on 2011/06/10