Baby Sleeping Problems And Methods

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Congratulations! Having a baby is one of the most wonderful feelings that a woman can ever felt. Watching them grow will be an important memory in your life. However, having time to relax and get much needed sleep is difficult for caregivers when caring for a newborn baby and once you have a baby, expect for those sleepless nights.

Babies younger than four months old have a different sleeping hours needs compared to older babes. Having a sleep schedule when your baby is at least 6 months old is a good way to make sure he's getting enough rest. Nap times and night sleeping should be consistent as possible to help your baby grow healthy. This article will help you understand your newborn baby's developing sleeping pattern, and this will assist you develop a basic knowledge regarding effective methods to overcome baby sleeping problems.

Parent Or Self-Soothing Method

If the baby is sleeping, a parent or other caregiver helps baby make a comfortable transition from being awake to falling asleep. This method can be done by nursing, singing lullabies, and etc. In this method, your baby will learn a healthy sleeping pattern which is very essential for him. It also develops bonding moments between you and your child.

In self-soothing method, you will let your baby sleep by himself. The good thing of this method is he may be better able to put himself back to sleep without parental help, and doesn't need parents comforting to sleep again. This may be difficult for the baby, but it is totally less exhausting for parents. In addition, remember that different methods work for different babies. These methods may not work for your baby as no two babies are alike.

The Common Sleep Problems In Babies

Some babies are sleep deprived and if he has problems staying asleep at night, it may be a problem for him to stay active the next day. Sleep deprivation also includes not having enough nap time. Separation anxiety is a baby sleeping problem. The baby may have difficulty relaxing and going to sleep if he feels upset because of your absence. To solve this problem, a cuddle before sleep can help. There are other ways to deal with this problem such as leaving the door open when you put him to bed, or leaving your shirt beside him to smell your scent.

The Ferber Method

This method is a best known baby sleep training techniques. It is named after Dr. Richard Ferber. The Ferber method suggests putting your baby over six months of age to bed fully awake and then slowly increasing the time that you take the respond to your baby's cry. The result if this method focuses on the self-soothe method, make the baby naturally learn to sleep by himself without needing the assistance of his caregiver.

This method may not be simple for parents, especially if the progress is not immediate. However, avoid carrying your baby as much as you can or taking him back to your room because that will undo any progress made to that point.

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Baby Sleeping Problems And Methods

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