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All people need sleep. Sleeping is important because it gives individuals the time for the body to recuperate and regenerate. Adults need a 6 to 8 hours of sleep to relax, while babies need a complete 8 hours of sleep and naps in between. Sleeping has a lot use in a human's life and it includes cell regeneration and condition the nervous system and overall helps in the development of our body, mind and health. Babies need sleep to develop muscles, extremities, skeletal structure, brain and other organs. In addition, sleep helps the body regenerate fingernails, toenails, hair and skin. Sleep stimulates your baby's growth and development and when this is achieved, your baby can reach a healthy life.

Choosing The Right Bed

It is always ideal to prepare a safe sleeping environment for your baby before he arrives at home. You can purchase a cute crib and necessary sheets from stores. Baby retail outlets personnel can advise you about the best type of bedding for your baby. In order to put your baby in a good night sleep, the bed or crib is one that feels just right. It is very essential that your baby have a comfortable bed and a calm environment to promote sleep.

The baby's bed should not necessarily be cozy, but it should provide security for them to get a good night sleep. The sheets should be comfortable and soft for your baby's delicate skin. A sheet that is rough or even too fluffy diminishes you baby's comfort thus, it causes sleep interruption. The bed should also be pleasant for your baby's eyes. There is a wide selection of colourful designs and fabrics in the market today that choosing a good quality bedding a fun and easy task for parents.

Sleeping With Your Baby


The main advantage in sleeping with your baby is the increased bonding time. It is convenient for you because it is easy to have your baby on your side especially when you are breastfeeding and being near is comforting for your baby. According to research, babies who sleep next to their mothers have less interrupted sleep and cry less. Co-sleeping provides your baby warmth, sound, scent, touches and other sensory stimuli that make your baby respond in a positive way. Sleeping with your baby is very safe and beneficial. However, it depends upon the situation. If the parents smoke or take illegal drugs, sleeping with your baby is risky.


Not sleeping with your baby predisposes him to potential risks such as accidental falls and aspiration from neglected bottle feeding. In addition, it is always ideal to use a firm but comfortable mattress, and limit the use of pillow and blankets. This could also be hard for your relationship because you might be near with your baby but less so with your partner since you may be putting or using the baby as a gap between you and your partner. Sleeping with your baby requires certain precautions be taken to assure baby safety.

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Baby Sleeping Facts

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