Baby Monitor Basics

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Baby monitors are virtually indispensable these days. They not only permit more freedom of movement around the home, but also provide for the safety of your children even when you're not in the same room. But new parents might find it tricky to decide on a model that is suitable for them, given that there are so many different varieties available. To make it simpler, here are a few qualities that you should look for.

1. Make certain that the sound is entirely clear, with minimal static or disturbance. These are the key factors that will help you keep your baby safe. It's very important that your baby's actions can be heard clearly.

2. Choose a model that's compact and comfortable to transport. It will be very useful when you have to move around the house.

3. Many baby monitors nowadays feature belt clips, which keeps you from forgetting to carry it with you. Inspect it carefully, though, to make sure it can handle normal use without breaking.

4. Some products have flashing lights that are activated when noise is perceived. It's good for those situations when you may have difficulty hearing as a result of loud sounds from the TV or vacuum cleaner.

5. Make sure the equipment you choose has a feature that indicates when the device's battery is running low. If the battery on your receiver is dead and you don't know it, you're placing your child at risk.

6. One more important factor is to select the right range and bandwidth for your needs. If your home is large in size, then a wider range will be needed. A smaller home or apartment won't require as broad a range, especially if there is a lot of interference from mobile phones and other equipment that may disrupt the signals.

7. Are you considering a wireless baby monitor? You should be aware that you might have difficulties with the signal of these devices. If the people living next door have a unit like yours, there's a possibility that you may hear what's going on in their baby's room. Cordless phones may also get in the way of your signal, so select a model that uses no-interference technology or has additional security features.

8. The most up-to-date technology features a blend of noise and visual monitoring. This is useful, but the fact is you can't keep your eyes glued to a video screen at all times. You might as well just remain with the baby. Just bear in mind that great sound quality should not be given up for fancy features.

The best baby monitor isn't always the priciest one. Choose a product that meets your requirements and is tough enough for everyday use. Most importantly, it must have all the features you need to ensure your little one's wellbeing.

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Baby Monitor Basics

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This article was published on 2010/03/31