Baby Bath Tubs - Which One and Why

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You take utmost care while selecting everything related to baby needs whether it is baby cream, lotions, clothing, massage oils, strollers or even liquid feeders. You make sure that all these things remain germs and bacteria free and why not every parent wants to nurture babies into healthy growing child. Then why not to look for bath tub that provides comfort for your baby while bathing. Parents do not give importance to durability and portability of bath tub while purchasing. They have readymade excuse for this-"babies grow up in a month or two and then there will be no use of it". They are right to some extent but it is related your babies comfort because they can feel uneasy and make a lot of fuss at the time of bathing.

Bath time can be a fun time or frightening for both baby and mother. Take case of both sides' mother and baby's

  • If you look through baby's point of view, first baby is already frightened while undressing process then you lay him on unfamiliar thing which can be uncomfortable also. Over this, water for bathing a complete frightful experience for her.
  • Now look from mothers view, she is handling a tiny creature with care so that her baby does not get misbalanced or hence anything unwanted could occur. To this she has to pour the water over baby while standing or sitting in an uncomfortable position.

If you choose a right bath tub for baby which could provide comfort to her then you will not face such problems again. Just gather whole thing you need for baby before bathing process in a basket and keep it closer to refrain from hassles. It is better to search for a baby bath tub which can be easily lift upto sink. Baby bath tub made of durable plastics are safe, non toxic, portable and get dry on hanging. Some basic features of these tubs are:

  • It has anti skid base
  • Due to its compact size it can be moved on anywhere
  • Lightweight
  • It is stable and safe
  • Provide stress free bathing for babies
  • Easily storable

Bath tubs are also available with warm water back rest. You simply have to fill tub with warm water to make baby comfortable. This will reduce the inconvenience caused to parents while supporting back and neck of baby. Temperature indicating bath tubs are also available in the market that helps in knowing if the temperature of water is right for baby's bath or not.

If you take care of all above mentioned points then bathing time will be more fun and play time for you and your baby. You can establish better emotional bonding with your little one. Don't think twice for buying bath tub that provide comfortable and enjoyable time to young one.


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Baby Bath Tubs - Which One and Why

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Baby Bath Tubs - Which One and Why

This article was published on 2011/07/09