Activities to Improve Baby's Intelligence

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Playing and talking to baby is very important in stimulating baby's intelligence. Start as early as possible. Here are some activities you may use when baby is about 6 months:

1. Put baby in a stroller and walk him to the park or shop. On the way point to the trees, the flowers, the leaves, the cars passing by, the people. As you point the items, say aloud the item. You may count them.

2. Sing nursery rhymes children's songs and act with baby. You may want to play the CD or DVD on the television. There are a lot of nursery rhymes or children's songs in the market.

3. You may sit opposite baby and roll colored balls towards baby. Count as you roll or name the colors of the ball.

4. Baby can put balls from one pail to another and you count as baby puts into the pail or say the color of the balls.
For older babies may scoop table tennis balls from one small pail to another.
You may count in the process.
Always praise baby by clapping or say 'Clever Tom'; 'That's Good'.

5. You can throw big soft dice available in toy shops.
Shout the numbers, pictures or words. You can change the pictures which you can use your computer to print on thick sheets of paper. Use Velcro to stick printed pictures onto the dice.

6. You can use socks to make finger puppets. Draw on the palm surface a happy face, a sad face, an angry face and a funny face. Write the word on the reverse side.

7. Remember baby will not play for more than 20 minutes. So change activities every 5 to 10 minutes.

8. Whatever you say or read to baby, you will be surprise that the moment he could
talk, he will just rattle all the words or nursery rhymes that you taught him.

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Activities to Improve Baby's Intelligence

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This article was published on 2010/04/04