5 Important Tips When Buying A Baby Walker

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Baby walkers have been the subject of much debate since their introduction. Since its introduction into the market over a century ago, there has been divided opinion safety issues which has even lead Canada to go as far as to ban them altogether in 2004. There is no doubt that baby walkers can be dangerous however by choosing the correct and safest type and ensuring you are vigilant as a parent then baby walkers should bring nothing but joy to your baby.
The following lists 5 things you consider when buying a baby walker.

It is advisable that you but brand new baby walkers rather then having hand me downs or second hand ones. When buying new it is vital that you check to see if the walker complies with mandatory safety standards. Also check for safety warning labels which should be placed clearly and prominently on the walker, if there is no sticker then it you should avoid buying it.

Even if the baby walker does comply with safety standards it is still important to perform your own quality checks. The first place to start is by checking the friction tape or locking wheels, this prevents the baby walker from moving when used on an uneven surface thereby stopping the baby walker from toppling over. On top of this you should check that there are no sharp edges, protruding joints, and that there are no areas that can trap small fingers.

When choosing a baby walker it is recommended that you take your baby with you so that you can test that they fit into the baby walker properly and that it easily supports your baby's weight. To be absolutely certain that the walker is right for your baby you should read the manufacturers guidelines for weight and age limits. Also check to make sure that your baby's feet can touch the ground when seated otherwise it defeats the whole purpose!

Your baby will grow quickly so it is recommended that you buy a walker that is adjustable in order save money and also ensure your baby gets the most out of the walker. Many walkers on the market can be used from 6 months right up until 18 months so check adjustable ranges.

Lastly you should make sure choose a walker that has a wide, stable base and that the wheels are at least 50mm in diameter. This ensures that the walker is stable and not easily toppled over.

Of course these are just a selection of important things to look out for. To help you make an even better choice it is recommended that you do your research by looking online for reviews and asking experts in store. By taking all these tips on board you can ensure that your child is out of harms way and gets the very best out of their walker!
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5 Important Tips When Buying A Baby Walker

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    Michael- 2011/01/22 07:09:41 am

    It is so true, I never imagine it could have so much impact on your baby.

This article was published on 2011/01/22